Steel Wool


Super Fine Steel Wool for Steel Wool Photography !!

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How to use
1. Cut About 30-40cm of steel wool with scissors from the bunch.
2. Stretch the Steel wool in order to burn it completely.
3. Stuff the Stretched Steel wool in the egg whisk ,tie a
rope to the end of the whisk
4.Carefully ignite the steel wool with a matchstick or a lighter.
5.Spin it😉

Safety First

1.Wear proper protective clothing: Cover your skin and wear long sleeve shirts or jackets , A hood to cover your hair

2.Choose a location without flammable materials

3.Keep people (especially children) pets, and other animals a safe distance from the location,

Additional information

Dimensions 35 × 15 × 10 cm

Medium, Large, Kit (Large+Whisk+Rope)