The Cavalry

One Free Professional tube worth 1199*

Artfully Designed, Precisely Engineered. The Finest Of Light Painting Tubes For You.

                        A Recommended kit For Pre-wedding, Astro, Travel, Fashion and Professional Photographers.

What the kit contains: 

   What the kit contains:

  • 5 X Single Shade Professional  Ace Tubes (4+1 Free)
  • 4 X Dual Shade Professional  Ace Tubes
  • 2 X 1000 lumen flashlight with batteries, Adapter and USB charging cable
  • 1 x Sturdy Padded Bag to accommodate all your tools

(8+1 free Tubes ,2 X flashlights*,1 X Bag)


We recommend using two flashlights ,one at each end of the tube, for best results !

Flashlights included in the cavalry set (8+1) ,will only be Shipped in INDIA.

*International shipments to include only 9 Tubes.

You can also drop us a e-mail and  choose the shades of your choice, from the wide range of options we offer ! (Choose any 5 Single Shades ,4 Dual Shades)

Need More Tubes ,more variants? We will Even customize your order ! Drop us a Email with your preferred products and we will get back to you.


  • Made From High quality light weight polymer

  • Bright and Elegant Color scheme

  • Tough and durable

  • Super Easy to move and make patterns

  • Take it to a Mountain Top or Use it on a beach ! Easy to carry.

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  • The set contains 2 flashlights; One flashlight to be placed at the each end.
  • You can also use a single light source, but we recommend using two lights for the best results.
  • The flashlights have a elastic rubber at the top ,so that your lights fit the tubes perfectly, without any connectors
  • You can also use multiple tubes together to get a colorful interesting picture
  • International Shipments via FedEx/DHL